A Week in Review: Cinnamon

February 20, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong
Recipe and Styling by Libbie Summers
Words by Andrea Goto
Artwork by katherine sandoz
Floral Design and Photography by Ashley Bailey
Podcast Host and Producer Brenda Anderson
Recipe by Candace Brower 

Here’s What We Learned:
•Cinnamon sticks are hard to make stand up straight for a photo. See the frustration HERE.
•A little bit of rose goes a long way in our Cinnamon White Chocolate Dipped Rose Shortbread. Get the recipe HERE.
•Even a broken heart can be sweet. Get the recipe and read the story HERE.
•The perfect gift for your sweetheart may just come out of a blender. Listen to the podcast HERE.
•Finding love and cinnamon takes guts! Enjoy the artwork and story HERE.
•Cinnamon sugar can be the inspiration for flowers. See the arrangement HERE.
•Cinnamon makes a great rub for pork chops. Get the recipe HERE.
•Cinnamon is game changer spice. See the game board HERE.  



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