A Week in Review: Grapefruit

January 4, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong
Styling and Recipes by Libbie Summers
Recipe by Brenda Anderson
Artwork by Ashley Bailey
Floral Design by katherine sandoz
Interiors Curated by Holly Hollingsworth Phillips
Fashion Curated by Brooke Atwood
Assistant to Libbie Summers: Candace Brower 

What we learned:
•You can never have too much fruit. Read the story HERE.
•Grapefruits can be part of your new favorite breakfast casserole. Get the recipe HERE.
•Grapefruits can inspire interior design. See the color HERE.
•Grapefruit inspiration can become a New Year’s Eve look! See the fashion HERE.
•Grapefruits and other citrus, vines and flowers from the backyard make the most beautiful barn wreath. See it HERE.
•A citrus tree CAN be made out of paper. See how HERE.
•Grapefruits are the new ingredient for a chic ice cream cake! Get the recipe HERE.
•Grapefruit body scrub is a perfect gift anytime of the year. Get the recipe HERE.
•Grapefruit Marmalade? If the scrub doesn’t work, rub this all over your body! Get the recipe HERE.


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