Citrus Wreath

December 18, 2013

Words and Floral Design by katherine sandoz

It’s Wednesday, but today I’ve switched places with Ashley Woodson Bailey.  I have all the citrus (and camellias) one needs to make an all Vernonburg wreath.  But it’s not all that easy.  Speaking in vines, leaves, fruits and flowers is not nearly as familiar as my native tongue; paint.   I needed three times the materials I thought, working with wire is for coo coo birds and, furthermore, who knew how many times I’d draw blood?  Nevertheless, I’m always happy to use what mother nature gives us locally and I hadn’t yet made a wreath for the season.  So while I leave future arrangements to Ashley and cheerfully rejoin life with my paints and brushes, I’m every more in awe of the mastery that Ashley shares with us throughout the year.

wreath by katherine sandoz, instagrammation by ashley woodson bailey, december 2013


seasonal wreath:  circle of lemon vine, leaves and fruit of kumquat, lemon, lime, tangerine, camellia blooms and wire, all from vernonburg, ga!

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