A Week in Review: Cherries

October 13, 2013

Photography by Chia Chong
Recipes and Styling by Libbie Summers
Podcast and Recipe by Brenda Anderson
Artwork by katherine sandoz
Floral Design by Ashley Bailey
Profile by Andrea Goto
Wine Pairing by Grapefriend 

Who Knew?
1. That Mikhail Brishnikov was part of a cherry recipe. Find out how HERE.
2. That a podcast about cherries will make you laugh. Listen HERE.
3. That a cherry orchard could be sewn of silk. Discover the beauty HERE.
4. That a cherry pie could be sour and sweet. Get the recipe HERE.
5. That, like flowers, cherries are romantic. Discover the passion HERE.
6. That Cherry Coke Floats can sometimes just be for adults. Get the recipe HERE.
7. That Russia’s landscape was so beautiful through the eyes of Valentin Sivyakov. Look HERE.
8. That cherries make a great salsa. Get the recipe HERE.
9. That rosé should be your wine of choice when cherries are spicy. Get your pairing HERE.
10. That cherries make a great frosting for a spice cookie. Get the recipe HERE.  


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