How To: Opening a Coconut

February 26, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong
Styling by Libbie Summers

Screwdriver. Oven. Hammer.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.


Look for the soft eye on the coconut (there are three eyes, one is softer when pushed on than the other two) and puncture it with a sharp object. We use a screw driver although an ice pick also works great. Once you have punctured the coconut, twist the screwdriver around in the hole you’ve made to create a larger opening for the coconut water to be poured out.


Shake and pour the coconut water out of the coconut. Give it a taste, it should be sweet and light. If not, then your coconut is probably rotten and should be thrown away or cleaned out to make fun bowls. (Mix in coconut water into your drinking water for your post workout rehydration)


Place in the preheated oven just until the coconut shell starts to crack a bit (about 15 minutes).


Gently hit the side of the coconut (where a crack is present) to open the coconut.


Gently pop of the outer hard shell and use a vegetable peeler to take off the softer inner coating if you like (we often leave the soft brown coating on the meat and grind it all together…it adds an earthy flavor).


Now cook away!!

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