Wanderlust: An Edible Flower Inspired Film

May 6, 2013

A Film by Barrera Productions

Cassandra travels to a luncheon of edible flowered dreams. Her compass –a grey balloon.

Salted and Styled –Wanderlust from Salted and Styled on Vimeo.




 Meet Barrera Productions.

Photos by Cole Whitworth

She’s Eliza
A  Peaceful and Joyous Girl from Scotland who made
her way across The Pond many years ago.
A Photographer. A Cinematographer. A Baker.
An Observer. A Dreamer. A Child At Heart. A Wife.

He’s Matt
A Surfing , Snowboarding, Skating California Boy
who managed to find His way to the East Coast.
An Animator. A Cinematographer. A Gardener.
A Thinker. A Listener. A Perfectionist. A Husband.

We adore them both! 









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