Corn Inspired Fashion: Jillian’s Vintage Dress

August 23, 2012

Photography by Chia Chong
Words by Libbie Summers
Fashion Picks by Brooke Atwood
On Site Fashion Styling by katherine sandoz
Model (Jillian): Kelley Adams Keller

Jillian had been raiding her mother’s closet since she was 17 years old, always amazed at how they were the exact same size at this age. This lilac plaid dress is one of her favorites and she keeps a silver framed photograph of her mother wearing it atop her vanity at the farm. The engraving on the now tarnished frame reads “Fall Harvest Festival 1977“. Her young mother is center in the photograph –standing in front of a staggering row of hay bales wearing a simple crown. To her right was a boy also wearing a crown, but not Jillian’s father. When her mother wore the dress, it had long pouffy sleeves with ruffled cuffs –not quite art school cool enough for Jillian and certainly much too hot for a late Summer’s day on the farm. To give it her own style, Jillian cut the sleeves off at the shoulders and finished the edges with her favorite copper thread. An old saddle colored leather belt of Jeff’s cinched the dress together at her waist. Her only jewelry was the gold locket of her grandmothers that she wore around her neck.



Vintage Dress from Clothing Warehouse ($44)
Leather Belt and Sandals: Model’s own
Antique Gold Locket (was once a pocket watch): Libbie Summer’s own

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