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Watermelon and Tomatillo Salad with Feta Cheese

July 11, 2013

Words and Recipe by Pati Jinich Photography courtesy of Penny De Lost Santos You know those photos of kids with big slices of watermelon in their hands and juice dripping down […]

Behind the Scenes: Watermelon

July 15, 2012

Katherine looking on as Chia is shooting Andrea.

Wear Your Watermelon Well

July 14, 2012

Oh dear watermelon, I have a crush on you….your vivid color combinations that you wear so well, your pure and sweet insides, your ability to quench and fulfill at the same time. I heart you. Can we date? Speaking of dating…

Watermelon Inspired Centerpiece

July 13, 2012

Loose, fresh and inspired by the colors of a watermelon filled summer.

Watermelon Basil Beach Blaster

July 12, 2012

Sunshine, a backyard garden, beach waves and a night on Ibiza –all in one glass.
No passport required.


July 11, 2012

If we take “an apple a day”, certainly one requires frequent doses of watermelon. It guarantees a rush of summer; a taste representing the whir of bicycle tires, crickets’ chirps, the site of rocky beaches, the smell of lake-wet towels, and the dizzy of a swing with the tallest, most handsome at the town dance.

Inspired by Watermelon

July 9, 2012


Her parents named her Breeze, but she prefers to go by her middle name –Adrianna. An only child, Adrianna’s world fell apart when both her parents were killed in a tragic automobile accident the summer of her Junior year in high-school. In the wake of their deaths, she ran from the sadness of her home in California to undergraduate school on the East coast. A savvy girl, Adrianna realized her look (the all-American girl look) was everything she saw in the editorial pages of glossy fashion magazines.