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Salted and Styled’s Film Festival: Charcuterie

September 13, 2013

Video by Juwan Platt Music: “Soles of Fire (Chauffeur)” by Theophilus London Photography by Chia Chong Styling by Libbie Summers, katherine sandoz, Brooke Atwood and Andrea Goto Duck Prosciutto…charcuterie beauty. […]

Salted and Styled’s Cooking Class: Duck Prosciutto

August 28, 2013

Recipe courtesy of Chef Roberto Leoci Photography by Chia Chong Styled by Libbie Summers, Katherine Sandoz and Brooke Atwood Shot on location at Meddin Studios Traditionally, prosciutto is a salt cured and dry aged Italian […]

Behind the Scenes: Inspired by Charcuterie

June 23, 2012

Behind the scenes of our inspired week of charcuterie.

Simmer Down Podcast: A Chef and His Charcuterie

June 20, 2012

This week on Simmer Down we have the opportunity to speak with Chef Roberto Leoci, owner of Leoci’s Trattoria in Savannah, Georgia. Chef Roberto is doing wonderful artisinal charcuterie with a modern day twist. Listen up as he explains AND tells us a few things we didn’t need to know.

Charcuterie: Food in Fashion

June 18, 2012

Food on a stick. Fusion food. Gluten free food. Local food. Whatever food. Charcuterie is today’s food in fashion.

Crispy Goat and Duck Salad

June 14, 2012

As seen on the cover of this months Epicures issue of Savannah Magazine.

The Roberto Leoci Life

June 13, 2012

While you might follow this recipe, you may not arrive in the exact same place as Roberto Leoci. This is the beauty of discovering one’s purpose.

Step by Step: Making Duck Breast Prosciutto

June 11, 2012

Traditionally, prosciutto is a salt cured and dry aged Italian ham with a delicate buttery texture. In this duck version, Chef Roberto Leoci spins the story a little differently by using a fresh duck breast and a few simple ingredients. The only thing you may find difficult with his technique…is the waiting.

Meaty Fashion

June 9, 2012

Fashion Styling and Words by Brooke Atwood Photography by Chia Chong Photo Styling by Libbie Summers, Katherine Sandoz and Brooke Atwood Model: Roberto Leoci Shot on location at Meddin Studios Men makin’ […]

La Dolce Vita

June 5, 2012

I’m sitting with artisan chef and restaurant owner Roberto Leoci in an old meat-packing building that is now Meddin Studios. It’s 80-degrees outside, but cold in here, as if the refrigeration has permanently seeped into the concrete floor. The place is creepy. Barn-size metal doors divide the rooms; to slide one open you have to press your entire body against it. The old wooden tables move as easily as live oaks and are just as creaky. Everything is heavy. Even the new glass doors are propped open by 25-pound sandbags.

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