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The Rhubarb Triangle

March 9, 2015

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Rhubarb’s approximately 2,700 year history sounds rich and, naturally, dirty. To wit, the vegetable sits in manure and woolen (or other waste) matter as […]

the pear facts

November 24, 2014

Artwork by katherine sandoz Washington did not chop down his daddy’s cherry tree. At Ferry Farm, in Virginia, while there were as many as seven children being raised, pears didn’t […]

Favorite Recipes: Moon Cakes

September 8, 2014

Photography, recipe and favorite recipe pick by Chia Chong Artwork by katherine sandoz Styling by Libbie Summers Photographer Chia Chong is co-creator and the beauty behind the lens of Salted […]

Favorite Recipes: Radish and Tart Apple Salad

September 6, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong Recipe and styling by Libbie Summers Artwork and recipe choice by katherine sandoz When you get a call (on a phone with a helical spring) from […]

Joel Snayd: Design Cowboy

September 2, 2014

Artwork by katherine sandoz Photography of Joel by Chia Chong Words by Libbie Summers Joel Snayd –remember that name. (katherine sandoz, “joel snayd: design cowboy”, water-based media, 2014)  I’ve told every […]

The Queen and King of Flour

June 16, 2014

In exploring all things flour, katherine sandoz teams up with an art historian and a sequential artist.  We’re not surprised to be served a flowery dose of King Arthur and […]

About our Moms

May 11, 2014

Produced, Edited, and Co-Hosted by Brenda Anderson Co-Host: Libbie Summers Sound Engineer: Clayton De Wet Guests: Chia Chong, Amy Zurcher, Andrea Goto, Katherine Sandoz, Brooke Atwood This week on Simmer Down we introduce you to the voices of […]

Coconut Uses

March 1, 2014

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz If you don’t like to eat coconut or coconutty treats, alternate useful and plentiful applications abound.  Below find several life affirming and lengthening activities […]

The Cinnamon Trade

February 15, 2014

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Harvesting cinnamon, like love, is no easy feat.  So said the Arab traders who specialized in moving and marketing the aromatic throughout the Middle […]

A Week in Review: Daikon

February 1, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong Styling and recipe by Libbie Summers Artwork by katherine sandoz  Recipes by Brenda Anderson Recipe by Joshua Summers Model and Food Stylist Assistant: Candace Brower  Here’s […]

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