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Woodcut Artichoke

April 20, 2012

This week we are peeling back the layers of the dear artichoke to reveal just what it is that makes its thorny heart beat. And what better way to introduce you to the artichoke than through the artwork of SCAD professor Marcia Neblett. She is responsible for the intricate woodcut print before you. For those of you who are a bit sketchy on just what a “woodcut” is, let me clarify this medium a little further. A woodcut is a technique in which an artist carves away pieces from a block of wood. Rather than creating artwork from the pieces taken away or using the wood as a canvas, this form of art, instead, makes the wood itself and what remains of it the artwork. The image that is left may then be covered in ink, as Neblett does so skillfully above, and voila! you are ready to print!

Inspired by the Beauty of Artichokes

April 16, 2012

This week, the artichoke serves as our muse. Layered shades of mid-century green with the faintest striae of deep purple. Edges so sharp they can leave a temporary mark in your hand and a center so buttery it will leave an indelible mark in your soul.

There’s a Strawberry on my Back

April 11, 2012

I grew up wanting to work in the fields, a dream my parents deferred my entire childhood.

Every elementary kid did it, or so it seemed. Each summer a chartered school bus would haul sleepy-eyed kids from their homes to the sprawling strawberry fields just a short 15-minute drive into the county. While I lazed around watching “Tom and Jerry” and lapping up “toasted rice” cereal, I imagined my schoolmates singing songs and forging friendships in my absence.

Inspired by Radishes

March 26, 2012

Simple and subdued at first glance –a fan of green at dirt level. Really nothing to make you turn your head, but, beneath a blanket of soil lies the showy colors of a spring radish. Reds, purples, pinks and whites –painted with the same brush used by a celebrity rabbit. This week on Salted and Styled, we celebrate the peppered beauty of a simple radish.

Spring Onions and White Lace

March 5, 2012

Food is our trigger to all design. Its color may inform our fashion, its texture may inform our artwork. Its shape may inform our interiors and its flavor will always inform our table. This week the diaphanous lacy layers of a spring onion just pulled from the ground inspires our lives. Today we introduce you to their overall beauty.

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