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Anise Anais

February 1, 2013

The Thoughtful Beauty of a Collaboration by Ashley Bailey and katherine sandoz Words by Ashley Baily Photography by katherine sandoz When I think of star anise –I think of Anais […]

Leaf Lard

November 17, 2012

Words and Arrangement by Ashley Bailey I know nothing about baking a pie, wearing an apron, or have the faintest clue what leaf lard is. I think it must be […]

Bright Lights, Sexy Flowers

October 31, 2012

One summer, long ago, I walked through the streets of Seoul, Korea. I remember the vivid colors, the bright lights, the culture, and of course, the orchids. There is something about an orchid. The way it makes me feel delicate and ladylike and romanced. As I created this simple, yet sexy arrangement, I imagine a courtship, a flirtation, the beginning of a wonderful affair.

Chicken Flowers

August 11, 2012

We might be the only family in Austin without chickens. I imagine if we did I would use this cute little antique wire egg basket I found at Uncommon Objects to bring the eggs into the house. I would also use it as I have today as a vessel and fill it with the most exquisite flowers-coral charm peonies, ranunculus, Queen Anne’s lace, tulips, lilac, and spirea. I would place it outside to photograph it and, I imagine, our sweet little chickens would get curious and begin to peck at it.

Family in Flowers

July 27, 2012

My dear friend, Lauren Cunningham arranged these gorgeous flowers for me and delivered them to the 9th floor at Brackenridge Hospital here in Austin. Lauren has become part of our family in the past few months-we love her so. She has already gone through so much with us-the birth of Woods, the growth of The Byrd Collective, and the recent car wreck that led to these flowers. She has been an incredible student-my best yet. Hardships, if you are lucky, turn into celebrations of the heart. They also let you know who your biggest supporters are in life.

Watermelon Inspired Centerpiece

July 13, 2012

Loose, fresh and inspired by the colors of a watermelon filled summer.