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hope springs eternal

March 9, 2012

Or maybe it is the heralds of spring that allow us to hope anew and forever; just born babies, burgeoning spring onions (also called green, baby, precious and yard onions), countless majestic blooms, the smell of warming earth and the sight and sounds of birds, bees and butterflies.

Operation Ogee

March 7, 2012

We are about to undergo “Operation Ogee” in celebration of this week’s muse: the onion. No worries, this DIY onion project is totally doable – just sit back as my dear, dear sweet friend Kyle Millsap peels it off layer by layer. We are talking about painting stacked onions on the wall but no one needs to cry about it. You won’t shed a tear—I promise!

a rich history

February 15, 2012

first chocolate: A love affair dating to 1900 BCE when pre-Olmecs (Mesoamerica/Mexico) drank cacao beverages.

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