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An Artfully Delivered Oyster Roast

September 26, 2012

This week we were all scheming on oysters (after all, they are in season, being that January is a month with the letter “r” in it) and naturally I thought of my friend and well-known Savannah based artist Katherine Sandoz. You see, every year she and her family host a big annual oyster roast on New Year’s Eve at their little farm in Vernonburg. In a word it is magical.

My Darling Clementine

September 22, 2012

Mandarin Orange and Clementine season is upon me and when asked what art inspired me, I naturally chose this mixed media piece by SCAD alumna Beth Loraine Bowman. So reminiscent of my darling clementines (yum!) with its deep texture, full-bodied orange hues, and glossy finish…I can almost smell (and taste) the sweetness now!

A Handful

September 21, 2012

Nothing intrigues us more than a well crafted bio. Artist Pedro Friedeberg’s bio, like his original hand chair, is pure genius.

a recipe for pasta surprise

September 14, 2012

Each and every night, she thought while preparing the meal, “Surprise! Pasta again!”


September 12, 2012

PA-SKET-EEE!! or more commonly and calmly said as “spaghetti” is the inspiration this week.

How To: Jillian’s Organic Chic Corn Projects

August 22, 2012

Jillian admired the delicate corn-husks as she sprayed them with water then ironed them flat. After placing them under books for a night, she arranged the husks on the floor and carefully hot-glued each one to the next creating a large half-lace, half-lattice cover for the table she had just freshly painted her favorite color; lilac.

jillian and the silo

August 18, 2012

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz  Photography by Chia Chong The minute she heard that her sister had begun labor, Jillian gathered her supplies and scurried to the just barely […]

chicken keeping then and now

August 4, 2012

In the olden days you’d throw down some scratch, call it a day and that was “keeping chickens.” Oh, and you had a stone-sharpened hatchet by the kitchen door and an old tree stump in the yard.

These days, a defining accessory – “good riddance” infinity pools, fasts cars and cute babies in aerospace industry engineered strollers – chickens both domestic and imported live at the level to which their owners are accustomed.

sweet potato (im) print

July 23, 2012

THIS is how we do it (vibe on Montell Jordan).


July 11, 2012

If we take “an apple a day”, certainly one requires frequent doses of watermelon. It guarantees a rush of summer; a taste representing the whir of bicycle tires, crickets’ chirps, the site of rocky beaches, the smell of lake-wet towels, and the dizzy of a swing with the tallest, most handsome at the town dance.

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