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The Rhubarb Triangle

March 9, 2015

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Rhubarb’s approximately 2,700 year history sounds rich and, naturally, dirty. To wit, the vegetable sits in manure and woolen (or other waste) matter as […]

The Very Racy Loquat

May 27, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz The loquat, originally from China, blooms in early spring. Because of this, boys who sought the company of young woman with questionable reputations were […]

floral art klatsch (& how-to)

May 15, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Photography by Chia Chong Studio Assistant to katherine sandoz: Sofia Vizcaino Studio Assistant to katherine sandoz: Margaret Baggot Examine these two quotes on making […]

the lotus-eaters

March 18, 2013

Somewhere, on a North African island where lotus grows abundantly, a race of people eat only the plant’s fruit, flowers and roots. They lead a life of peace and pleasure-seeking. So say the Greeks.

dreaming & painting

March 9, 2013

Everyone paints lavender because they wish to inhabit and possess the fields of their dreams.

starring star anise

January 26, 2013

If herbs and spices had an IMDb, then star anise would be a Robert DeNiro or an Ed Harris.

Chocolate Laced Art

November 7, 2012

This week our muse is chocolate. So I chose this painting of someone wearing a pair of classic Chuck Taylor sneakers. “Hmmm?” You say. What do these two seemingly unrelated things have in common? Is it just the color? Nope. It’s more. In my estimation I see a commonality that transcends the obvious color.

You are My Sunshine

October 9, 2012

My fondness for the artwork featured this week on Salted & Styled is composed of a two-fold list of ingredients: one part eggs, the other part simple words.

bunny fricassée

October 5, 2012

If you are feeling any childhood strings of sentimentality when it’s time to roast a rabbit, consider employing the French language.

Animal Magnetism

October 2, 2012


Cartoon action words are the only accurate way to convey my overly-and-ever-so-dramatic reaction to one of JenMarie Zeleznak’s new works “I Have a Feeling, That You’re Feeling Less These Days.” It is this kind of feeling that is almost but not quite a doubled-over-at-the-waist-and-catching-my-breath-moment (I am admittedly given to drama, I think I mentioned that previously?).

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