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Fashion Remix

August 8, 2013

Video by Eliza and Matt of Barrera Productions for Salted and Styled Fashion Design and Styling by Brooke Atwood Model: Blake Mavrogeorgis of Dollhouse Productions Wine can change tastes and moods depending […]

An Inspired Bouquet: A How To Video

July 13, 2013

Words and Floral Design by Ashley Bailey A Salted and Styled Video by Barrera Productions Eliza Barrera made my flowers look even more gorgeous in this video. Seeing the flowers […]

Behind the Scenes: Edible Flower Inspiration

May 18, 2013

Words by Eliza Barrera Film by Barrera Productions  Observing the Award Winning Salted & Styled Team is simply fascinating.  Their powerful personalities and talents are a beautiful thing to capture […]

Wanderlust: An Edible Flower Inspired Film

May 6, 2013

Cassandra travels to a luncheon of flowered dreams. Her compass –a grey balloon.

A Black Licorice Lunch

January 28, 2013

A Libbie Summers’ Food-Inspired Life Video Video by Eliza Barerra for Red Velvet Partners Animation by Matt Barerra In this video short, we bring black licorice to life! How do […]

Video Journal: The Making of Jillian’s Story

August 25, 2012

Did you fall in love with Jillian as much as we did this week? Here’s a little peek behind the curtain as the Salted and Styled team brought a story to Jillian’s corn inspired life.

Video Journal: The Making of A Backyard Chicken Story

August 12, 2012

Videographer Juwan Platt takes a peek behind the curtain with the team of Salted and Styled…and a bunch of chickens.

Video Journal: Family Recipes

July 28, 2012

A peek behind the curtain…

la vita roberto leoci

June 6, 2012

19 simply cut pieces of paper were arranged to describe the varying stages of a food inspired man’s history.

Video Journal: Inspired by Charcuterie

June 4, 2012

This week on Salted and Styled, we focus on the keen eye and calm knife skill of a charcuterie artisan –Chef Roberto Leoci. Combining traditional skills with a modern mind, Roberto gets real with the provenance of food. He takes the techniques of a homeland generations away and makes them accessible in a contemporary “bad-ass” kitchen. Today, we show you a super short video by young film maker, Juwan Platt. In it, you will recognize the calm of Roberto as those around him (the Salted and Styled team) are flitting about.

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