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The Love is in the Details

May 13, 2013

Photography and Art Direction by Chia Chong Words, Photo Styling and Art Direction by Libbie Summers Custom Paper Works by Emily McCarthy for Emma J Designs Floral Design by Ashley […]

A Turned Table: Mid-day in the Forrest

October 1, 2012

Food is our trigger to all design. Its color may inform our fashion, its texture may inform our artwork. Its shape may inform our interiors and its flavor will always inform our table. This week the wild and wily rabbits of a rainy forest inspire our lives.

A Turned Table: Cornfield Luncheon

August 20, 2012

Photography by Chia Chong Words by Libbie Summers Photo Styling by Libbie Summers, Katherine Sandoz and Brenda Anderson Jillian loves surprising Jeff. Readying to meet his workers in the corn fields […]

Inspired by Watermelon

July 9, 2012


Her parents named her Breeze, but she prefers to go by her middle name –Adrianna. An only child, Adrianna’s world fell apart when both her parents were killed in a tragic automobile accident the summer of her Junior year in high-school. In the wake of their deaths, she ran from the sadness of her home in California to undergraduate school on the East coast. A savvy girl, Adrianna realized her look (the all-American girl look) was everything she saw in the editorial pages of glossy fashion magazines.

A Turned Table: A Monastic Honey Fueled Breakfast

May 21, 2012

The calm sweet afterglow of a bees feverish work and the ethereal quality of smoke and morning light. A monastic beekeeper with holiness in his spirit as a bacchus host before a young girl queen accepts her destiny. A sweet afterglow.