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Edible Wedding Rings

February 14, 2015

Photography by Chia Chong Recipes and Styling by Libbie Summers Assisted by Candace Brower  Is it true that more people get engaged on Valentine’s Day than any other day of […]

Honeysuckle Inspired Fashion

May 25, 2014

Words and styling by Brooke Atwood Photography by Chia Chong Model: Lauren Davis Oh for the infamous swim cap to be a required accessory again in swimming pools!  Swim caps […]

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: #2 Cool Camera Strap

May 7, 2014

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2: Studded Camera Strap We’ve had our eye on this studded camera strap from Brooke Atwood since it first came out. A perfect gift for the […]

Seaweed-Inspired Fashion

April 19, 2014

Words and fashion design by Brooke Atwood I was honored to show my new Fall/Winter ’14 collection at Nashville Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago.  Ironically, my collection had […]

Food-inspired Fashion: Grapefruit for New Year’s Eve

December 28, 2013

Fashion picks curated by Brooke Atwood Grapefruit Photo by Chia Chong Grapefruit styling by Libbie Summers We asked  fashion designer and stylist, Brooke Atwood, to give us some New Year’s […]

My Own Citrus Tree

December 21, 2013

Words and Artwork by Ashley Woodson Bailey  I have artist and friend Katherine Sandoz to thank for suggesting we switch mediums this week inspired by grapefruit.  I had such fun creating this […]

Salted and Styled’s Film Festival: Fashion Remix

September 10, 2013

Video by Eliza and Matt of Barrera Productions for Salted and Styled Fashion Design and Styling by Brooke Atwood Model: Blake Mavrogeorgis of Dollhouse Productions In this Salted and Styled Video, Fashion Designer and Stylist Brooke Atwood […]

Fashion Remix

August 8, 2013

Video by Eliza and Matt of Barrera Productions for Salted and Styled Fashion Design and Styling by Brooke Atwood Model: Blake Mavrogeorgis of Dollhouse Productions Wine can change tastes and moods depending […]

floral art klatsch (& how-to)

May 15, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Photography by Chia Chong Studio Assistant to katherine sandoz: Sofia Vizcaino Studio Assistant to katherine sandoz: Margaret Baggot Examine these two quotes on making […]

Candy Necklace

May 11, 2013

Words and Floral Design by Ashley Bailey Photography by Chia Chong Fashion Styling and Design by Brooke Atwood Art Direction by Libbie Summers Model: Christina Routhier Hair: Lindsay Nix Make-up: […]

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