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My Own Citrus Tree

December 21, 2013

Words and Artwork by Ashley Woodson Bailey  I have artist and friend Katherine Sandoz to thank for suggesting we switch mediums this week inspired by grapefruit.  I had such fun creating this […]

Citrus Wreath

December 18, 2013

Words and Floral Design by katherine sandoz It’s Wednesday, but today I’ve switched places with Ashley Woodson Bailey.  I have all the citrus (and camellias) one needs to make an […]

Food-Inspired Interiors: Turnips

December 9, 2013

NEW SERIES!! Food-Inspired Interiors. Take a peek at these interiors inspired by a turnip.

The Turnip Truck

December 3, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz She had, in fact, just fallen off.  But was there any shame in it?  Aside from the occasional bump in the road, a little […]

Halloween: Costumes for Food

October 28, 2013

Photography by Chia Chong Styled by Libbie Summers “Last minute” Halloween costumes for food! Who says food can’t have a little fun? Caprese Salad as Ice Cream Cones Redfish in […]

The Yuca in Poetry

October 19, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Poetry by Richard Blanco The United States Poet Laureate, writer and teacher, Richard Blanco finds fodder for his poetry in home, place and identity, but […]

A Week in Review: Cherries

October 13, 2013

Photography by Chia Chong Recipes and Styling by Libbie Summers Podcast and Recipe by Brenda Anderson Artwork by katherine sandoz Floral Design by Ashley Bailey Profile by Andrea Goto Wine […]

The Cherry Orchard

September 30, 2013

Words, Artwork and Hand Modeling by katherine sandoz Photography by Chia Chong Styling by Libbie Summers When a child attends too many theater rehearsals (and her grandmother’s neighbor is Anna […]

The Jade or Moon Rabbit

September 18, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz The story exists throughout time in numerous cultures to include the Aztec, Buddhist, Chinese, Cree, Japanese, Korean and Mexican.  In all tales, a rabbit’s […]

Pickle Hieroglyph

August 17, 2013

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz Check the glyphs; babes throughout the ages have favored pickles. Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, claimed a steady diet of pickles kept […]

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