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Pear Upside-down Skillet Corn Cake

November 26, 2014

Recipe and Styling by Libbie Summers (from, Sweet and Vicious –baking with attitude, Rizzoli) Photography by Chia Chong Nestled up next to the pumpkin pie this holiday season will be […]

the pear facts

November 24, 2014

Artwork by katherine sandoz Washington did not chop down his daddy’s cherry tree. At Ferry Farm, in Virginia, while there were as many as seven children being raised, pears didn’t […]

Savory Pear Strudel

November 19, 2014

Recipe and Styling by Libbie Summers Photography by Chia Chong I wanted to create a down and decadent appetizer for the holidays that was easy, delicious and just a little […]

Inspired by Pears

November 17, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong Styling by Libbie Summers Shot on location at Temples Farm Model: Candace Brower  It was just yesterday that the weather was still warm enough to go […]

Oyster Stew

November 11, 2014

Recipe and Styling by Libbie Summers Photography by Chia Chong  Until I went from spinster to wife, I had never eaten fresh oysters. I grew up in small-town Missouri and […]

Oyster Hands

November 9, 2014

By Andrea Goto Photography by Chia Chong I have this habit of looking at people’s hands like I’m looking for clues. I find they reveal so much more than most people are […]

Oyster Appetizer

November 6, 2014

Recipe courtesy of Jeanne Brooks Photography by Chia Chong Styled by Libbie Summers  An elegant and easy appetizer with the perfect hint of star anise. Oysters Lafitte  Ingredients: 1 dozen fresh oysters in […]

Oyster Season

November 3, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong Styling by Libbie Summers Food is our trigger to all design. Its color may inform our fashion, its texture may inform our artwork. Its shape may inform our […]

Love and Tea Olives

November 1, 2014

Artwork and Words by katherine sandoz He looked more frog than man, but he grew up in a house whose name ended with Hall so his audience was great. He had […]