Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Cookbook

March 25, 2014

Words by Libbie Summers
Video by Eliza and Matt Barrera of Barrera productions
Sugar Angel Photo by Chia Chong

YAY!!!! Today is the release day of my new book, Sweet and Vicious –baking with attitude!! I hope you pick up a copy and enjoy the delicious spectacle inside. Not only are there 120ish recipes, there are 15 videos that I hope will inspire AND entertain.

I started this project 20 months ago alone in a kitchen writing and testing recipes. The next step was shooting the visual part of the book which was documented in motion by Eliza Barrera during the entire 2 weeks of production in eight different locations. In my opinion, deliciously beautiful cookbooks aren’t just created in a kitchen. Recipes have a story bigger than that. This video reveals another layer of those stories. I hope you love this peek behind the curtain. You may just pick up some food-styling tricks, but you’ll most assuredly feel the fun had by a team of people who work so well together doing what they love…may I introduce you to my friends (many you may recognize from the pages of Salted and Styled).

In order of appearance:
Chia Chong (Photographer, friend)
Libbie Summers (Author, Stylist, me)
Anna Heritage (Assistant to Libbie Summers for still portion, friend)
Brenda Anderson (Food Stylist, friend)
Matt Baldwin (Food Stylist, friend)
Jules De Jesus Fritz (Hair and makeup, friend)
Eliza Barrera (Videographer, friend)
Brooke Atwood (Fashion Stylist, friend)
Josh Summers (model, Best Friend)
Katherine Sandoz (artist, prop maker, friend)
Anthony Lunsmann (model, friend)
Jimmy Butcher (artist, prop maker, friend)
Anne Chaddock Donegan (model, Staci her mom is a supportive friend)
David Busch (prop stylist, friend)
Candace Brower (Assistant to Libbie Summers/video prod., friend)
Matt Hebermehl (artist, prop maker, friend)
Ellie Mae Sieving (model, mom is a friend)
Dan Bucey (model, friend)
Juwan Platt (model, friend)
Mary Britton Senseney (model, friend)
McBryde Campbell (model, Anna’s special friend)
Cedric Smith (model, friend)
Joel Snayd (model, friend)
Mitchell Hall (model, friend)
Jamie Deen (model, friend)
Ray Goto (model, friend)
Maggie Jo Summers (model…The Bitch, everyone’s friend)

Shot on location at Red Velvet Partners Studio and all over Savannah, Georgia.

Special Thank You To:
Bastille Metal Works
Bethesda Academy
Jeff and Karen Hughes
Meddin Studios
24e Design Company
Motorini Savannah
Habersham Antiques Market
Rethink Design Studio
Jessica Duthu

Thank you my very talented friends and colleagues… Without your viciousness this experience would never have been as sweet. 

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