Sweet and Vicious

March 18, 2014

Photography by Chia Chong
Book Cover Design by Jennifer Muller
Film by Libbie Summers for Red Velvet Partners and Ben Fink for Camp Hurley Productions

YAY!! I’m so excited for my new book, Sweet and Vicious, to release on March 25th! Indulge me as I share just a taste of some of the crazy wonderful things inside the cover. For an appetizer, let me serve you the book trailer. Once you see/read/cook from the book, this will all make sense. I promise.  

Producers: Ben Fink for Camp Hurley Productions and Libbie Summers for Red Velvet Partners
Director: Ben Fink
DP: Ryan Dickie
Set Designer and Stylist: Libbie Summers
Editor: Christian Simmons
Original Score: Kyle Patrick
Assistant to Libbie Summers: Candace Brower
Production Coordinator: Autumn VanGunten
Food Stylist Assistant: Matt Baldwin
Grip: Anthony Lunsmann
Hair and Make-up: Jessica Duthu
Production Assistants: Lisa Parker Fort and Brenda Anderson
Still Photography: Cedric Smith
Party Guests:
Joshua Summers
Anthony Lunsmann
Anna Heritage
Jenny Stanley Long
Matt Hebermehl
Cedric Smith
Jenny Stanley Long
Brenda Anderson
Jessica Duthu
Autumn VanGunten
Cedric Smith
Anne Chaddock Donegan
Maggie Jo Summers

Very Special Thank you:
Carl and Chica Arndt
Andy Greene Sports and Vintage Car Racing

Filmed on location in Savannah, GA

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