Food-Inspired Interiors: Coconut

March 9, 2014

Curated by Joel Snayd 
Coconut photography by Chia Chong
Words by Libbie Summers
Photo of Joel and family by Leeann Ritch Photography 

The simple organic beauty of a just cracked coconut reminded Chia and I of the sensibilities found in the work of Joel Snayd (the creative genius at the helm of Rethink Design Studio). We were beyond thrilled when Joel agreed to curate our next Food-inspired Interiors post.

The drill goes like this. We give our chosen designer a photo of a particular food and we ask them to pull spaces that could have been inspired by the beauty of the food. We don’t discuss, we let the designer do their thing as we anxiously await their choices.

The results, as seen below, are like Joel and his team…perfection.

Joel’s inspiration.

Joel’s picks:

Location: Charlottesville, VA
Photography: Jody Johnston of Foxes and Feathers

Project: Private Residence/Catskills, NY
Design By: Homeowner Amanda Bupp
Photography: Maxwell Tielman

Project: Private Residence/Melbourne, Austrailia
Design By: Techne Architects
Photography: Tom Blachford

Project: Private Residence/Southern Sweden
Styling: Lotta Agaton
Photography: Pia Ullin

Project: Host Restaurant/Copenhagen, Denmark
Design By: Norm Architects

Project: House Doctors 2014 Calendar/Denmark
Photography and Styling: House Doctor

Project: Home and Studio/Sao Paolo
Design By: Homeowner Lucas Jimeno
Photography: Ruben Ortiz


Meet our multi-talented contributor, Designer Joel Snayd of Rethink Design Studio.

Rethink Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary studio of interior architecture + design, furniture + lighting design, and branding + graphic design located in Savannah, GA.

To learn more about Joel and Rethink Design Studio, visit their website.
For the process of projects currently working at Rethink, follow their blog.
For a glimpse into the Rethink world follow them on intstagram, twitter and facebook.
For more inspirational pulls like those shown above, follow Rethink on pinterest.

@rethinkdesignstudio #coolestdesignstudioEVER

Pictured above: Designer Joel Snayd, his beautiful and savvy wife Erika and their adorable son Rye Harrison (who btw is a shoe snob).
Photography by Leeann Ritch Photograhy for The Scout Guide/Savannah, GA




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