Coconut Uses

March 1, 2014

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz

If you don’t like to eat coconut or coconutty treats, alternate useful and plentiful applications abound.  Below find several life affirming and lengthening activities related to the fruit, seed or drupe.  It’s all these things and more, thought it’s definitely not a nut.

1. cast coconuts into oceans to assuage turbulent seas both literal and figurative

2.  scale tallest tree in grove to reach the heavens;  “possible” say some myths

3.  invoke Shiva, patron god of yoga and arts;  the three eyes of the coconut represent the three knowing eyes of the supreme Hindu god

4. lay under the fronds and dream big!  the coconut is believed to be the earthly representation of the Indian concept of kalpavriksha; the tree that grants all wishes.

5.  perform or receive “evil eye” cure using the three eyes of the coconut and a dance-like ritual (you’ll have to look up on the internet)

6.  make fuel, tools, shelter, moisturizer, furniture or interiors accessories

7.  bless a new project, marriage or death using the fronds, fruit and milk

Now you know why and how all those people stranded on tropical islands in literature and film survive and flourish!

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