Happy New Year: 2014 (we resolve to…)

January 1, 2014

Thank you to all our readers for making 2013 such a special year for Salted and Styled. We have traveled the world, won awards, nursed bodies back to health, designed clothing and events, created and shared beautiful art, drank wine, ran marathons, worked on a new book, sold houses, started new jobs, cried, laughed, ate great food, watched our children grow AND still managed to make time to create beauty together. Thank you all for encouraging us with your steady numbers to our food-inspired living blog.

Happy New Year from each one of us –Libbie, Chia, Brenda, Katherine, Brooke, Alyssa, Ashley and Andrea and all the farmers and growers who allow us to find the beauty in what they create. Here are our resolutions for 2014…what are yours???

Libbie Summers (Co-Creator): In 2014, I resolve to unplug everyday at 6pm (Est) and to spend as much time working out as I do talking about working out. 

Chia Chong (Co-Creator): In 2014, I resolve to work on more cookbooks and show my kids how to cook rice.

Katherine Sandoz (Art Curator): In 2014, I resolve to never buy another t-shirt –100% silk everything from now on. That was a lie. Maybe I’ll write a book instead – not of resolutions, but about something concretely achievable.  Coming soon!

Brenda Anderson (Podcast Host/Recipe Developer): In 2014, I resolve to no longer read “Quotes” on Pinterest disguising themselves as advice.  Makes me feel as if I need help!

Brooke Atwood (Fashion Curator): In 2014, I resolve to not procrastinate all of my resolutions, nab that student of the month at Bikram Yoga I have yet to get, not get food poisoning, never eat oysters again, keep my ferns alive, ride my bike more, not drink Starbucks twice a day, and make my bed every single morning.

Ashley Bailey (Floral Curator): In 2014, I resolve to spend less time with my iPhone and recognize that it is not an extension of my arm nor did I give birth to it, adopt it, marry it or befriend it. 

Andrea Goto (Profile Writer): In 2014, I resolve to be more present. I’m not entirely sure what that looks like, but my daughter and I started this routine where she and I talk in the dark for a few minutes before she falls asleep. Without any distractions, we can really connect. So, more of that–with her, my husband and myself.

Alyssa Vitrano (Wine and Pop Culture Expert): In 2014, I resolve to explore more new: new wine grapes (there are 1000s I’ve never even tried), a new continent (hopefully Africa), new blog formats (going to start doing video and finish my book). 

We wish you a very Happy New Year filled with joy, prosperity and the strength needed to make your resolution a reality. 

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