Inspired by Wine

July 22, 2013

Photography by Chia Chong
Words and Styling by Libbie Summers

Hammered. Intoxicated. Smashed. Pissed. Trashed. Plastered. Sloshed. Besotted. Four to the Floor. Gassed. Elevated. Destroyed. Kippered. Liquored Up. Lubricated. Obliterated. Pickled. Sauced. Schnockered. Wrecked. Under the Table. Tipsy. Toasted. Soused. Pie-eyed. Goosed.

This week on Salted and Styled as we raise a glass to the delicious beauty of the grape we are full-throttle fermented.

Profile writer Andrea Goto, spends time with one of our favorite and irreverent winos, Le Chai (galerie du vin) owner Christian Depken (don’t call him Chris) and offers her take on his genius. Brenda Anderson shares one of her favorite recipes for Chicken Chardonnay that makes the best gravy we have ever eaten.  It’s hot as hell in Savannah right now, so I’m sharing an Adult Popsicle, this one made from Lillet. Artist Katherine Sandoz shares her history of Christian Depken through one of her highly sought after portraits (if you haven’t seen her recent tribute to reporter Helen Thomas, I urge you to take a peek on her website). Floral designer, Ashley Bailey, turns wine into flowers through a red wine inspired piece. We’ll talk wine on a new Simmer Down podcast and I’m really excited for you to see a video by Eliza Barrera featuring the work of fashion designer and stylist, Brooke Atwood. In the video, Brooke shows how clothes are like wine…in a very unique way. No one knows wine and pop culture as well as our own regular contributor, Grapefriend, and this week she shares her take on wine and food. As always, Chia Chong’s beautiful photography is the smooth finish to every post. Raise a glass and join us! Here’s a taste.

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