Inspired by Lotus Root

March 11, 2013

Photography by Chia Chong
Words  and Styling by Libbie Summers

Scene 1: In the studio

Libbie: Why do I have to go? You’re the Asian one.
Chia: I thought you wanted to go?
Libbie: I don’t even know what Lotus Root looks like.
Chia: Google it.
Libbie: It’s a tuber right?
Chia: Google it. And, don’t go to that store at night. It’s in a bad neighborhood.
Libbie: Perfect.

Scene2 : In the walk-in cooler at the Asian Market

Libbie (talking to an Asian guy holding a 50lb. bag of rice): Sir, could you help me, all these cases have Chinese characters on them. I can’t find the lotus root?
Asian Guy Shopping: (no response)
Libbie: Thank you, you’ve been a big help.
Libbie (holding up what she thinks is lotus root like a treasure): Don’t worry, I found it!

Scene 3: At the check-out in the Asian Market

Libbie: Just to be clear, are these lotus root?
Asian Store Owner:  (in a condescending tone) Oh NOOOOOO. You want lotus root? You buy white yam here.
Asian Store Owner to all other shoppers: (saying something in Chinese and pointing to Libbie)
All Other Asian Shoppers: (laughing and looking away)

Scene 3: Back at the Studio Three Days Later

Chia: I heard you were at the Asian Market.
Libbie: Don’t start. 


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