Rock-N-Roll Mushroom Jewelry

September 7, 2012

By Brooke Atwood      Photography by Chia Chong

Ok, first of all, I LOVE mushrooms….pretty similar to my salt obsessed self, throw those little guys on or in anything and I’ll eat it. Let’s go ahead and set the record straight here too…I, of course, am only referring to all legal mushrooms in this post. Inspired this week by all things mushrooms, I was immediately drawn to these amazing hand crafted pieces of art by Mia Hebib. The artistry and craft of each sterling silver element on both the necklace and bracelet are not only super unique and distinctive, but also resemble that of the gills on those tasty little things called mushrooms. The awe-inspired aging and antiqued look of the oxidized patina juxtaposed with the sterling sets perfectly in my book. Wow, how rock-n-roll I would feel to rock these two pieces together!


Artist: Mia Hebib

Title: Elizabeth Necklace and Motion Bracelet

Medium: Sterling Silver

(Necklace, $4000/ Bracelet, $2000) Available at shopSCAD

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