The Secrets of Backyard Chicken Farmers

August 6, 2012

Photography by Chia Chong
Styling by Brooke Atwood, katherine sandoz, Brenda Anderson and Libbie Summers

My name is David Bucey.
I’m a backyard chicken farmer,
only ’cause  my daddy won’t let me hunt them.

My name is Mallory Lockett.
I’m a backyard chicken farmer,
and I hate Justin Bieber’s new haircut.

My name is Kirby Wheat.
I inherited my great-great grandmother’s love for chickens
and my grandfather’s Winchester Side-by-Side.

My name is Jacquelyn Hutson.
I’ve been around chickens all my life,
and I’m no stranger to a hatchet.

My name is Nita Ann Klein.
I’m a backyard chicken farmer,
and I won my husband over by driving a pick-up truck in high heels.

My name is Philip Polk Palmer.
I’m a backyard chicken farmer and a songwriter,
and my chickens have sung backup.

My name is David Busch.
I’m a gentleman backyard chicken farmer,
and I grew up drinking Budweiser from a baby bottle.

Thank you to all the backyard chicken farmers and their families who allowed us access and insight into their coop: Miss Jacquelyn Hutson, Mr. David Busch, Master David Bucey, Miss Marra Gilmore, Miss Mallory Lockett, Miss Julia Davis, Mr. Phillip Polk Palmer, Miss Nita Ann Klein, Miss. Kirby Wheat, Miss Jessica Pope, Mr. Trae Gurley, Miss Skyler Gurley, The Wheat Family, The Beam Family, The Davis Family, The Gilmore Family, The Palmer Family, The Hutson Family, The Klein Family, The Bucey Family

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