sweet potato (im) print

July 23, 2012

Words and Artwork by katherine sandoz

THIS is how we do it (vibe on Montell Jordan).

Step 1. split uncooked sweet potato (or like) in half.

Step 2. lightly draw your object onto the surface with a felt tip pen. remember: mirror images for letters.

Step 3. cut down 1/4-inch or more, cut away all excess with linoleum block cutting tools, exacto knife, paring knife or a combination of tools.

Step 4. cut handle on back of stamp if desired, or cut potato to size of image to be printed.

Step 5. use cheese grater to add texture if desired.

Step 6. coat image with almost any kind of paint (watered down) or use an ink pad.

Step 7. test print on paper, adjust shape of image if necessary

Step 8. make an impression on your final surface choice –or several. note: if stamping on fabric make sure to use a suitable fabric paint.

(“rolling pin” stamp, inkpad, on fabulous MYdrap semi-reusable cotton napkin. photos: katherine sandoz, iphone, instagram, “Kelvin”, 2012)

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