The Roberto Leoci Life

June 13, 2012

Artwork and Words by katherine sandoz
Photography by Chia Chong
Styled by Libbie Summers

While you might follow this recipe, you may not arrive in the exact same place as Roberto Leoci. This is the beauty of discovering one’s purpose.

Roberto’s Life


  • 1 bushel foreign travel
  • 2 generous shakes respect for the past
  • 3 treasured journals
  • 20 years hard work
  • 8 truckloads romance & passion
  • 1 tattoo for each remarkable experience

(sprinkle all with healthy dose of optimism & humor)

Shake, rattle, roll! Don’t wait for it to cool!

(“Lacie: after Leonard da Vinci”, 10” x 8”, mixed media on canvas, 2012.)
original Salted & Styled artwork available here

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