la vita roberto leoci

June 6, 2012

Art and Words by katherine sandoz

Production and Edit by Juwan Platt

19 simply cut pieces of paper were arranged to describe the varying stages of a food inspired man’s history.

A Note from Salted and Styled creators Chia Chong and Libbie Summers: Part of the fun of what we do is sometimes merely watching the creative efforts of our talented contributors be realized. This is the first ever stop-motion animation done by artist and Salted and Styled contributor, Katherine Sandoz. We are humbled by her talent and tenacity (this was a 4 day project) and are thrilled to see how this, her first effort, turned out. We are looking forward to see how she hones her technique on the next one. Kuddos, kumquats and big kick-ass high fives to you Katherine!  

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