Video Journal: Inspired by Charcuterie

June 4, 2012

Photography by Chia Chong

Styling by Libbie Summers, Katherine Sandoz and Brooke Atwood

Video by Juwan Platt
Shot on location at Meddin Studios

This week on Salted and Styled, we focus on the keen eye and calm knife skill of a charcuterie artisan –Chef Roberto Leoci. Combining traditional skills with a modern mind, Roberto gets real with the provenance of food. He takes the techniques of a homeland generations away and makes them accessible in a contemporary “bad-ass” kitchen. Today, we show you a super short video by young film maker, Juwan Platt. In it, you will recognize the calm of Roberto as those around him (the Salted and Styled team) are flitting about. Tomorrow, profile writer Andrea Goto, finds Roberto’s story within the artwork of his tattoos. Wednesday, artist Katherine Sandoz, shares her very first foray (and we hope it won’t be her last) into stop-motion film making with a video inspired by her vision of Roberto’s life. Thursday, Libbie Summers, addresses what patriarch Jay Pritchett said in the season finale of Modern Family – “That’s charcuterie? I’ve been avoiding that on menus for years!” Saturday, fashion stylist Brooke Atwood, makes a meaty and manly fashion statement. As always the stunning photography of Chia Chong is the butcher’s twine that ties it all together. Join us each day this week and take a peek inside the meat locker.

A student of photography and videography, Juwan Platt is a youthful sprite with the soul of a man 4 times his age. A visual storyteller, he enjoys capturing people in their natural element allowing life to be their only stylist. His website, The Innovative Mint, showcases life’s unmarred photographic flavor better than any five-star restaurant. Juwan is a lover of travel, good food and well-fitting pants.

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