A Turned Table: A Monastic Honey Fueled Breakfast

May 21, 2012
Table Designed and Styled by Amy Zurcher
Photography by Chia Chong


This week we continue our love affair with the queen bee and her golden elixir. Today, we share another in our series, The Turned Table. This one designed and styled by the uber-talented and always lively, Amy Zurcher. On Wednesday, Katherine Sandoz, shares a mixed media piece with a familiar girl-woman muse. Thursday, Libbie Summers will give you a to-die-for recipe involving sauteed pear halves, cheese and honey and on Saturday, Brooke Atwood, will dress you for the weekend. Enjoy this week’s buzz. 

A Turned Table: The calm sweet afterglow of a bees feverish work and the ethereal quality of smoke and morning light. A monastic beekeeper with holiness in his spirit as a bacchus host before a young girl queen accepts her destiny. A sweet afterglow. 

Thank you to beekeeper, Bobby Colson, and Lee Family Farms for allowing us access into your worlds. 

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