Monster Dance

April 8, 2012

By Brooke Atwood  ·  Photography by Chia Chong

Ok, so my carrot inspired self tried really hard to focus on finding the perfect children’s ensemble for today’s bunny day.  Or to a one “fashion” tracked mind like myself…the day one gets to legally wear white shoes, and a new dress of course.  The torture of being forced to not touch those brand new white shoes that sat in the box for weeks while releasing distinctive yummy smells of leather… still haunts me today.  That being said, let’s just say I quickly gravitated to toys and such on my hunt, orange ones to be exact.  My 3-year-old little friend here, Avery, loves to dance… and when I say dance, you’ve never seen a penguin dance or a butterfly dance quite like hers. I died over these quirky orange plush boogie legs, designed to help Boogie Monster dance! Boogie legs are also accompanied by a fun instructional story, directed by Boogie himself, along with a CD loaded with monster music. Avery was kind enough to give these a test drive, and sure enough, her inner Monster grooves kicked in!


Boogie Legs from Terra Cotta $39, 921.236.6150

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