Lace Between Seasons

March 10, 2012

Text and Styling by Brooke Atwood  ·  Photography by Chia Chong

I’m loving this week’s muse, lace and layering…Perfect combo and inspiration for the season right now. The season I am referring to is that “in between” season of not knowing what to wear. Is it winter? Is it Spring? Or wait.. Is it that season known to the fashion world as Resort? If you live in the South, you have even more inquiries.. Is it 40 degrees out today or is it going to be 80 degrees?  I dread the random 80-degree weather wearing ensembles these days due to the snow-white skin I have going on. So, here you go.. A quick and easy fashion fix to help with these contemplating decisions, especially the open toe shoe dilemma in that cold-ish unexpected weather.  Yea, I’m sure you’ve seen this look on the runways and in the magazines, and if you’re like me always thought, “not a chance I can pull that off and not feel a little silly”! Nahh, it’s actually quite painless, just a simple added gesture to keep those toes warm and still sport those new spring shoes you bought. I pair these little lacy guys with any and all sorts of shoes… open toe, closed toe, high heeled, flats, wedges, pumps, etc.. They will work with just about anything and the best part…it’s inexpensive and a quick way to high fashionize your wardrobe and look runway cool!

Lace ankle socks, Urban Outfitters $8

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