Inspired Art

November 20, 2011
By Amy Zurcher

“The Sheep Object” so masterfully painted by SCAD alumnus Russ Noto, sets my imagination running absolutely wild. I am utterly tickled by the notion that someone built this baby from scratch using an old oil barrel, some thick crumpled paper and bent metal rods. I guess the word “RED” emboldened in scarlet and slapped on the side of any such unexpected beast would give me pause, but this particular creature interests me on multi-levels. The wispy strings dangling from the mouth and head draw me in. The details yet utter simplicity and straightforwardness of this mesmerize me. “The Sheep Object” innately draws me in. Perhaps because I am admittedly delighted by all things beautiful but peculiar and must have a closer look at oddities such as this! The brilliant light emanating from the top of this object suggests an importance or magnitude placed by the artist that I am inclined to believe in with reckless abandon…something about the whole scheme of, oh, I-don’t-know-what! But whatever it is, I like it and I like it A LOT!

  • Artist: Russ Noto
  • Title: Sheep Object (Imposed Meaning)
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Size: 6’X4′
  • ($4500) Available at shopSCAD