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Each week the beauty of one food related item serves as our muse. We taste it, tear it, torture it and live to tell about it through a new recipe, art piece, fashion pick, profile or design each day.

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August 31, 2013

Salted and Styled’s Cooking Class: Salsa Verde

Words and Recipe by Libbie Summers as inspired by Pati Jinich Photography by Chia Chong I fell in love with Pati Jinich the day I met her. Her energy was infectious. Herself, genuine. And, …

March 25, 2014

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Cookbook

Words by Libbie Summers Video by Eliza and Matt Barrera of Barrera productions Sugar Angel Photo by Chia Chong YAY!!!! Today is the release day of my new book, Sweet …

September 15, 2012

Pasta! In a Clutch

With pasta being my muse this week, I cant help to be reminded of my very first fashion creation to ever make. I know many of you will recall the classic rigatoni pasta necklaces we all made for our moms in Kindergarden? I can remember my delicately stringing with yarn and constructing each perfectly chosen pasta piece, and so excited to present that delicate little work of art to my Mom!

July 17, 2012

All in the Family

I grew up eating what was served to me. No one ever asked what I wanted, or offered an alternative to the salmon flopped on my plate flesh-side up, all pink and wet. Mom would leave the scales on the opposite side, so I’d have to flip it and slowly peel back its shiny, slithery coat. I’d curl my lip and wince.

March 14, 2012

please pass the salt

It’s a known fact that salt figures greatly in all things, especially in seasoning conversation and supper. The following is one fact that is not so readily known that I picked up from a great Southern lady who happens to be my neighbor: Certainly, the salt is on the table with the pepper. We taste our food first, and then we ask for the transfer that originates from the left and travels right. It never arrives from across and don’t you sneak a shake prior to answering the call.

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Seaweed Salad (Chia Chong and Libbie Summers for Salted and Styled)

Words and Photography by Chia Chong
Styling by Libbie Summers
Wine Pairing by Grapefriend 

Whenever I make a pot of seaweed soup, I save the konbu and wakame seaweed to make this super easy and delicious salad. You can get dry seaweed at any Asian grocery store. Here, I chose 3 varieties commonly found in the States for their unique combination of texture and taste.

It is good to know that a little dry seaweed goes along way after it’s been…

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